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Oysters Unplugged

Roaming oyster
shuckers sharing
the river experience.




Fed by the mighty Tasman Sea, the Clyde River flows peacefully off the shores of Batemans Bay on the South Coast of New South Wales, following its way along the East coast towards the Budawang National Park part of the Great Dividing Range. For thousands of years the local Walbunja people filled their bellies with the bounty of fresh seafood that called the Clyde home, thanks to its pure perennial-waters bread for breading some of the freshest produce known to the nation. Today the area is 95% National Park and is one of only a few major rivers in Australia not to be dammed, maintaining its natural purity allowing sea life to flourish beneath its surface – along with no major industries using the water as runoff the catchment has a reputation as one of Australia’s cleanest rivers. The organic life and raw beauty of the river make it the perfect place for producing some big, fat juicy Sydney Rock Oysters and the ideal location for the Ralston Bros. oyster farm.




140 years, five generations, one unique concept.

In teaming with fifth generation oyster famers Ralston Bros., Oysters Unplugged have created a unique and fresh way for you to enjoy the nations finest produce. Farmed over a four-year process, succulent, salty oysters are carefully selected from the Clyde River farm and rushed straight to your event. Armed with a custom made belt, our star team wander from guest-to-guest, shucking before your eyes and stimulating pallets with oysters still marinating in their natural juices. From farm, to hand, to mouth – we eliminate the need for a kitchen, providing the most natural way to indulge in these alleged aphrodisiacs, so the shucking process can be witnessed first hand. Mixed with a glass of bubbles and some witty banter, the Oysters Unplugged experience is truly special.




Fancy our freshly farmed oysters
roaming around your event?

Functions, festivals, launches and long lunches, we cater for them all. With no kitchen required, we roll up ready to shuck thanks to our custom made oyster belts, allowing an intimate serving of our succulent Sydney Rock Oysters. Our crew can tailor their dress to your suit your event, our you can choose between our brand styles.

“If you’re after something different for an event, a celebration, or a party no matter how big or small, I can’t recommend Oysters Unplugged enough. It was a brilliant evening and they made the night.”

Deborah Hutton








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